Rules & Regs

1. Every licensed real estate agent is eligible to participate in the Agents Community Engagement (ACE) Club Bonus Program with the opportunity to win $7,500, subject to these Rules and Regulations. Participation in the ACE Club Program is optional.

2. Eligible Properties in the $7,500 ACE Club Bonus Program will be appropriately identified. This information will be placed into the agent remarks portion of the MLS data sheet, which will be placed in the MLS for all realtors to be able to easily identify which properties qualify. The code will be "$7,500 ACE Club Participant.”

3. For every forty (40) ACE Homes that sell (as evidenced by the recording of a Deed of conveyance), the Buyer’s Agent who sells the most ACE Homes will win the $7,500 bonus commission.

In the event there is a tie between Agents with respect to the total number of ACE Homes sold, the Agent that sold the highest gross dollar volume among the tied participants will be the winner of the $7,500 bonus commission.  As an example: Two agents (Agent A and Agent B) both sell 4 ACE Homes. Agent A purchase prices for the 4 ACE Homes are $100,000, $100,000, $100,000 and $100,000 for a total gross dollar volume of $400,000.  Agent B purchase prices for the 4 ACE Homes are $200,000, $200,000, $200,000 and $200,00 for a total gross dollar volume of $800,000. Agent B will be the winner of the $7,500 bonus commission based on the higher gross dollar volume.

4. Once forty (40) ACE Homes have sold, RE/MAX One Realty will announce the $7,500 ACE Club winner at a party, the date of which to be announced two weeks in advance. Eligible agents must be present to win.

5. The sum of $7,500 will be awarded to the winning Buyer's agent with a check presented to the company the winning agent has his/her license, to be disbursed as determined by such company and team.

6. Each eligible ACE Home sold and closed, and for which commission has been received from the Seller, will entitle the selling Buyer's Agent to qualify for the $7,500 ACE Club Bonus Program.

7. Each realtor who qualifies for the ACE Club Bonus Program must have an active real estate license and a signed “Broker Consent Agreement" on file with RE/MAX One Realty. The Buyer's Agent must also disclose the ACE Club and potential $7,500 bonus related to the applicable property to their buyer.